Celtic Knot Quilt Pattern-PDF Download

Celtic Knot Quilt Pattern-PDF Download


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In 1993, Mary Whitehead, self-published a simple knot pattern booklet that changed my life! My favorite design to create and to teach was her Gordian Knot. It has two colors and was pieced on point.

This Celtic Knot pattern was inspired by Mary's Gordian Knot.

This pattern has 3 colors in the ribbon design and is set straight instead of on point. The pattern has NO bias edges and no triangle pieces.

The header on the quilt allows it to be long enough to tuck under the pillows without loosing sight of the beautiful knot design.

The pattern has complete color layout, color cutting charts, and dozens of pages of detailed cutting instructions. This is NOT a hard pattern to sew, but does take some time to cut out. The pattern is 34 pages because there are photos of EVERY single piece that is being sewn in the design. You are guaranteed not to mess up this quilt if you go slow and read each page.

The pattern was tested by five quilters ranging in skill level. And ALL six finished and love their quilt! You will be amazed at the ease of construction...and the surprise result!

I have taught this pattern for about 15 years in Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, and Mississippi and all of my students love the piecing process and the gorgeous quilt they can create!

It takes about a day to cut out all the pieces and another day to sew up the center medallion. So, in total, allow at least a week for washing/drying fabric, cutting fabric, piecing, and assembling the quilt before quilting.

I hope you enjoy the pattern...it is a work of love!

This is a complete color pattern, and is 34 pages long. The pattern instructions are VERY complete with cutting charts, layout diagrams, piecing instructions for EVERY step (which is why it took 34 pages to get it right!). The pattern is NOT hard to piece...really, it looks hard...but it is not. All of the pieces are squares or rectangles. No triangles, no bias edges! All patches are rotary cut first and then the assembly begins. There are four sections to the center of the quilt...and the piecing could not be simpler. My personal email is also included within the pattern just in case you have additional questions. However, after teaching this quilt for about 15 years...to all levels of students (even those never having used their sewing machine before) and having EVERY ONE of them complete the pattern and love the results...I'm very confident that anyone wanting to create this quilt will be able too.

The fabric requirements are: BACKGROUND 2 3/4 yards; OUTSIDE RIBBON FABRIC COLOR 2 1/8 yards; CENTER RIBBON FABRIC COLOR 2 1/8 yards; and THIN MIDDLE RIBBON FABRIC COLOR 2 1/8 yards.

As designed, the quilt is about 73 inches wide. The height will depend on whether you choose to add the top border which folds under pillows. With the full top border, the height is about 94 inches; without the full border the height is about 77 inches. Of course, like any quilt...you can enlarge it more by widening the outside borders width.


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