Hexagon Magic Quilt Pattern

Hexagon Magic Quilt Pattern


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Hexagon Magic

This is a 24 page pattern full of helpful ideas to create a very personal quilt design. Each block will be a finished hexagon shape measuring about 4" on each of the six sides. Over all, each measures about 7 inches flat side across to flat side, and 8 inches tall tip-to-tip. This is so that they will fit on a sheet of standard printer paper for printing.

The pattern is full color printable and includes:

-- 3 design ideas for your final quilt layout

-- A full size layout page with grid so you can draw additional hexagon designs of you own as you like.

-- A full size pattern hexagon shape for cutting out fabric backing for each block.

-- 3 pattern layout pages that show all five of the included hexagon designs, with corresponding pattern pieces for construction of each block.

-- A design/pattern shape page that give you the drawing shape for the design pieces used in the existing blocks AND extra pieces to consider when/if you choose to also design your own hexagon blocks to accompany those provided.

-- 3 pattern pages for traditional methods of block piecing, with seam allowance of 1/4 inch included

-- 6 pattern sheets for printing English Paper Piecing units for all five of the provided hexagon block designs. These pages can be printed on card stock making it easy to create your own shapes for EPP method of construction.

The number of blocks you choose to create will determine the final size of our project. Each block can be made of fabric scraps, so no specific amount of fabric is calculated.

However, a general guide is that if you want to use scraps...the more colors and patterns the more flexibility you will have to create with. If you desire to repeat a single hexagon design, you can estimate the amount of fabric for one block and multiply that by the number of blocks you want to make.


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