Embroidery Stitch Templates - Set of 54 designs (KSS-201)

Embroidery Stitch Templates - Set of 54 designs (KSS-201)


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This is a set of 54 clear acetate templates, for marking Embroidery stitches.

The primary design of this set is for marking seams and motifs on Crazy Quilt blocks.

Five transparent, flexible template sheets are included in the package. These should be cut apart using utility scissors (or score them with a rotary cutter and snap apart). (See extra photos)

Each of the individual templates has tiny holes for the needle-up and needle-down positions of the specific embroidery seam design or motif design. There is also a larger hole at the end of each to accomodate a keyring, etc. for organization (see photo of set hanging on my Owl Keyring).

How to Use:
1) Cut the sheets of templates apart along the dashed lines. The result will be a set of seam templates, each marked at one end with the specific embroidery Stitch Design (see detail photo).

2) Place a template along the fabric seam of your crazy quilt block...or other project. Align the template to center the design on the seam...or offset the design as you wish.

3) Using a #2 pencil (or other marking pencile of your choice); place the tip into the small hole(s) on the template and "twist". This leaves a tiny pencil dot on your fabric. Repeat for all of the tiny holes in the individual template you've selected. (The template can be slid along the seam line if your seam is longer than the template; or use only part of the template if the seam is shorter in length.)

4) Remove the template and the "dots" you just marked will be seen. For darker fabrics you will need to use a white chalk pencil (or mark the dots on the BACK/REVERSE side of your project if that can be seen better).

5) Stitch the embroidery as you normally would, using the "dots" as your guide for the needle-up/needle-down action for each specific seam.

The set includes these Embroidery stitches as base seams:

BLANKET Stitch ( 7 unique designs)
CRETAN Stitch (4 different seam designs)
FEATHER Stitch (5 individual designs)
HERRINGBONE (6 types of seam designs)
STRAIGHT Stitch (organized into 8 unique designs)
PLUS tiny motifs (hearts, fans, flowers), to use along with the seam designs listed above to accent them creating an endless amount of seam designs.

Look closely at the package photo for the types of seams these templates can result in.

Also, this specific set of templates is used in the Basic Crazy Quilt Course (BCQC-101) (Task #6: STITCH Templates) They also are featured in my books: Stunning Stitches for Crazy Quilts AND Volume III-Fancy Seam Designs

More seam ideas can be found on my blog at shawkl.com and in the Facebook group: Modern Crazy Quilt Seams


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